About TerraForma Geotechnical Ltd

TerraForma Geotechnical Ltd is family owned and operated by Liam & Mercedes Stewart who are based in Canterbury, New Zealand. Liam is an engineering geologist and Merc manages the administrational aspects of the business. While Liam is out mapping the countryside, Merc ensures things are running smoothly and herds the kids.

Liam is a Chartered Member of Engineering New Zealand and has more than ten years experience working in geotechnical consultancy as an engineering geologist. His qualifications include a Bachelor of Science in physical geography and environmental science, and a Post-Graduate Diploma in geology gained from the University of Auckland. He has worked on numerous projects covering the length of New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Liam's experience extends through the areas of engineering geology, stormwater assessment and geotechnical investigation.

Key skills include:

  • Field investigation, geomorphic and engineering geological mapping
  • Classification of rock mass strength parameters for assessment and design
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS), remote sensing/mapping for computer modelling
  • Engineering geological and geotechnical investigations for slope stability and liquefaction assessment
  • Design of remedial measures for mitigation against land instabilities
  • Forensic geotechnical investigation and assessment
  • Building, resource and subdivision consent support